Online training

Train Online (Thrive)


Are you ready to level up your strength and conditioning program? We believe that our bodies were made to THRIVE and not just survive in our daily lives. So are you ready?

These 3 things are what this program is all about. This means that you will be training your body to do what you want it or need it to do, for your daily life. The idea is that what you do in the gym should improve your quality of life outside the gym.

On THRIVE you will be training your body to be stronger, more mobile and enhance your resilience.

The Program

THRIVE is a 4 day per week, progressive, Functional Strength training program.

Each session will start with a thorough warm up that will prepare the body for the session to come.

1-2 strength focused exercises that will be progressed from week to week (squats, deadlifts, overhead press, pull ups…).

2-3 strength balance exercises where we focus on working on certain imbalances and accessory exercises to strengthen the main movements (single leg and single arm exercises)

The session will end with a bit of stretching and flexibility work as a cooldown.

The program will progress for 4-6 weeks and then change over to a new phase that will build on the previous 4 weeks. We do this so that you can get stronger at certain movements and keep progressing.

The App

We use a simple, user friendly app where you can view your workouts, see video demonstrations of each exercise, read through detailed descriptions for each part of the workout, and track your progress from week to week.

What you get when you join

A fun and balanced training program that will keep you engaged and seeing progressfor years to come.

Access to the app where you can view your workouts, track your progress and see video demonstrations of each exercise.

In-app messaging if you have any questions or need one of our coaches to check your form on a certain exercise.

Frequently asked Questions

What equipment will I need access to?

If you want to follow the program as it is written you will need the following: barbell, weight, plates, dumbbells and/or kettlebells, resistance bands, bench or box and gymnastic rings or TRX (suspension trainer).

If you don’t have access to all of these you can always make modifications where necessary.

Is this program beginner friendly?

Yes. This program starts of with a basics phase. During these first few weeks we will focus on learning and strengthening the basic exercises.

However if you are completely new to training with weights then we would suggest starting off with a few weeks/months of Online personal coaching.

How does the subscription work?

You will receive an invoice every 4 weeks. You will need to pay the invoice before your next month of training will be uploaded to your account.

To cancel your subscription, you can send us an email or message us in the app and we will cancel your subscription. This is a month-to-month commitment, you can cancel anytime.

What if I need to ask a question about the program?

You can send us a message on the app and one of our coaches will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are unsure of how to perform a certain exercise you can upload a video of you doing the exercise and one of our coaches will give you feedback.

How long are the workouts?

We have written these workouts to take no more than 60 min, but only if you stick to the workout as it is written.