About Us

About AIM

How it all started:

We started Active In Movement back in 2019 and our mission is to use exercise as a tool to IMPROVE your life, not RULE your life. We believe that exercise does not have to be complicated, complex and all consuming, but rather SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and SUSTAINABLE. With this mission, we have attracted a group of kind and hardworking people who lift each other up and push each other to become better.

We love what we do and we have fun doing it. This is our passion and definitely a part of our purpose. We both have a dance background and this has taught us the importance of quality of movement.
That is why we wanted to create a space that is supportive, has a community around it and prioritizes quality of movement. We do this through a process of learning, coaching, support, accountability and trust.

At Active In Movement we follow the Be Kind Work Hard mentality. Everybody who has this mindset belongs here – YOU belong here!

Meet the Team

Karla Fourie

I am a qualified Personal Trainer, as well as a qualified Nutrition Coach. I love working with young women who want to get stronger, fitter and healthier. I also have a passion for working with women to prepare them for pregnancy, during pregnancy, as well as life after their baby is here.

Contact me for any questions about personal training, group training or nutrition coaching.

Nico Fourie

I am also a qualified Personal Trainer. I love working with men and women who want to exercise in way that will get them stronger, fitter, look better and feel better. I also have a passion for working with teens and young adults who have a goal of excelling in their chosen sport.

Contact me for any questions about personal training or group training.